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Wealth essentially stands for abundance, prosperity and plenty. Wealth could be in the form of money, knowledge, respect, power, happiness, health or children.

Wealth Management deals with material as well non material wealth. Material Wealth typically consists of your house, belongings, car, office etc., while non-material wealth consists of you and your loved ones.

Wealth Management process has the following steps

  • Wealth Audit
  • It is important to have detailed analysis of your wealth. Wealth Audit puts things in perspective and gives a first-hand information of the wealth accumulated so far.

    Typically Wealth Audit captures the details of Assets like Equities , Real Estate , Bond, Commodities, Precious Items, Fixed Deposits, Mutual Funds etc. All the liabilities are also taken into consideration. Further all sources of Income and Expenses are accounted for. This data forms the basis for computing an important indicator of personal wealth known as Yearly Net Wealth Accumulated or YNWA.

  • Wealth Protection
  • The most important step in Wealth Management is protection of Wealth. A proper risk management and mitigation mechanism has to be put in place.

    Risk could be in various forms like business slowdown, loss of jobs, untimely death, accident and disability, critical illness, fire,theft, burglary, excessive borrowings, etc.

    Different risk mitigation strategies need to be applied to protect losses arising due to various risk to material as well non-material wealth.

  • Wealth Enhancement
  • The epitome of Wealth Management process is wealth enhancement and optimization. A comprehensive plan is drafted which entails the financial objectives, income sources, expenditure, contingency.

    A detailed risk tolerance test with international guidelines is conducted to analyze the risk profile of the individual. Based on the risk profile and expected returns to achieve the financial goals a portfolio of investments is created.

    A strategic portfolio is created to achieve long term financial objectives. A tactical portfolio is also created to benefit from various opportunities available in the short term.

    Periodic review and monitoring of the portfolio is done. Rebalancing of asset allocation if required is carried out. Also the portfolio is altered to align with overall objective.

  • Wealth Distribution
  • Wealth Distribution is as important as Wealth Creation so that wealth is transferred smoothly to the intended beneficiaries.

    This ensures that your legal heirs get their rightful share without any hassles and avoid conflicts in your family when you are not present to resolve them.

    Wealth can be passed on to the near and dear one’s by creation of Will, Trust, Gift deed etc.

    A well thought of distribution of wealth ensures that your wish is maintained even after you.

    Also it helps retain peace in the family.