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Pyxis Wealth Managers is a Pune based professional Financial Planning & Wealth Management firm. We have evolved as a leading Financial Planning & Wealth Management firm over the last eight years.

Pyxis is a constellation of stars in the southern hemisphere also know as mariner’s compass. Pyxis constellation provides directions to sailors in the ocean. Similarly in this vast ocean of personal finance Pyxis Wealth Managers intend to be your guiding star to help you take well informed decisions in the matters of Personal Finance & Wealth Management.

At Pyxis we create a Comprehensive Financial Plan for our clients, which acts as a blueprint for achieving their desired financial goals. We follow a fee based advisory approach which ensures unbiased advice and adheres to the fiduciary standards of advisory practice. Our endeavor is to provide our clients the best possible professional advice in the areas of Financial Planning & Wealth Management.

We aim at creating long term sustainable relationships on the foundation of mutual trust. We intend to be you friend, guide and philosopher in the journey of Financial Freedom.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a structured process of creating a financial plan, executing the strategies, reviewing and monitoring the progress of the plan so that desired financial objectives are achieved. A typical financial planning exercise is aimed at creating a disciplined approach towards handling personal finance.

Wealth Management

Wealth essentially stands for abundance, prosperity and plenty. Wealth could be in the form of money, knowledge, respect, power, happiness, health or children. Wealth Management deals with material as well non material wealth. Material Wealth typically consists of your house, belongings, car, office etc.

  • "When it comes to financial planning I believe integrity and ethics of financial planner is the most important element of success of your financial goals. The customer first attitude at Pyxis Wealth Managers ensures that they are in fact working towards clients goals."

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    • Ved Prakash Dubey
  • "This is my 5th year with Pyxis Wealth Managers, and I am extremely happy to say that continuous guidance and excellent advice from Prashant has helped me a lot in streamlining my finances. Prashant uses his past experience very well and give right suggestions to achieve your financial goals. I would recommend Pyxis Wealth Managers to anyone who would like to get their personal finances in order. They provide a detailed analysis of financial objectives and road map for achieving the same."

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    • Swapnil Padhye
  • "Prashant has been my financial advisor for the last 6 years. His advice has helped me to organize my financials with great ease. Also regular updates on personal finance has boosted my confidence as an investor."

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    • Dr. Sumeet Lad
  • "I would recommend Pyxis Wealth Managers to anyone who would like to get their personal finances in order. They provide a detailed analysis of financial objectives and roadmap for achieving the same."

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    • Kamlesh Vaishnav
  • "Pyxis Wealth Managers has helped me put my financial plan in place and track it periodically. It has helped me get a new outlook about personal finance and I have benefitted immensely through their professional advice. I highly recommend their services."

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    • Parag Kulkarni

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